Federal Corporation publishes a comprehensive catalog available in print or as an Adobe PDF. In it you will find the products we stock as well as products from the manufacturers we represent that can be ordered to your specifications.

Also in the catalog are the popular TechTips providing useful information on a variety of topics.

Follow the links below to access the catalog. Each section is in PDF format and can be downloaded and printed for your use.

Index This includes the Subject Index, Alphanumeric Index and the Quick Index of our product lines.

Section 1 Boilers and Boiler Room Equipment (Catalog Pages 1-46)

Section 2 Air Conditioning/Heating Equipment (Catalog Pages 47-61)

Section 3 Pumps & Hydronic Pumps Specalities ((Catalog Pages 62-104)

Section 4-1 Controls and Instrumentations-Ametek through Fireye (Catalog Pages 105-126)

Section 4-2 Controls and Instrumentation-Honeywell (Catalog Pages 127-162)

Section 4-3 Controls and Instrumentation-Johnson Controls through Weiss (Catalog Pages 163-206)

Section 5-1 Valves, Pipe, Fittings-Valve, Tubing, and Pipe (Catalog Pages 207-232)

Section 5-2 Fittings (Catalog Pages 233-267)

Section 6 General Supplies and Specialties (Catalog Pages 268-281)

Section 7 Tech Tips (Click here to see entire index)

Boiler & Boiler Room (Catalog Pages 282-323)

Equipment Sizing & Tips (Catalog Pages 324-330)

Pumps (Catalog Pages 330-337)

Steam Components (Catalog Pages 338-343)

Valves & Application Tips (Catalog Pages 344-355)

Pipe & Fittings Stuff (Catalog Pages 356-365)

Useful Formulae & Misc. Good Stuff(Catalog Pages 366-384)